Carpet Cleaning Solutions Chelmsford

Carpet Cleaners ChelmsfordFast Carpet Cleaners can provide professional carpet cleaning solutions to residential and commercial clients in Chelmsford. The carpet cleaners we work with are experienced and skilled and will treat your carpets and rugs with care and do all they can to give it a new lease on life.

We begin by carrying out a pre-clean inspection and doing a spot test check on the carpet. We can provide both Wet and Dry cleaning methods.

With the basic carpet clean the cleaning provides will vacuum the carpet very thoroughly as the first stage of the process. Once all the loose dirt has been removed, cleaning agents that will not bleach, fade or damage the floor covering used. While we cannot guarantee the removal of all stains, most will be removed by the cleaning. The clean and guard option includes the basic clean and the team then also apply a solution to the carpet which will protect or guard against the majority of stains be repelling or resisting dirt and liquids.

For more information about our carpet cleaning solutions Chelmsford or any other service of our cleaning company simply dial 012 4520 9601.

Essex is a county that lies north-east of London and is 1,417m2 in size. This beautiful county offers residents and visitors beautiful, gentle green landscapes; picturesque villages and towns; parks and nature reserves and a 350 mile long coastline complete with quiet beaches and charming seaside towns. Chelmsford is the capital of Essex and was granted city status in June 2012. The city is 32 miles north-east of London and part of London’s commuter belt which means that a large number of individuals working in London live in Chelmsford. Chelmsford has been an important centre of industry since the 19th century and is still an important commercial city.

Other cleaning services we offer in Chelmsford:

  • Mattress cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Rug cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Steam Cleaning


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