Cleaning Companies Reigate

Cleaning Companies Reigate

Your block of flats needs a company to come in for Cleaning Companies Reigate. However, how do you know what services to ask for? The first consideration is where. What common areas do you need cleaned? Look around your building. Most blocks of flats have an entry area. Some have lifts. There are some with office areas for the manager and employees. That may also mean an employee lounge area. Your block may have common meeting and conference areas as well. Do you need a company to handle hallway cleaning as well? Do you have areas outside that need attention occasionally?

Each area has special cleaning requirements. Do you have carpeting or a hard surface floor? Do you have wood that requires regular polishing? Do you have windows that need cleaning each day? Do you want doors and handles polished? By considering the cleaning requirements, you will get an idea of the amount of work required to keep the area cleaned to standards with each cleaner visit.

The next consideration before engaging a company to come in for Cleaning Company Reigate is when. This is a personal decision that the flat owners or manager needs to make. How often do you want a cleaning crew to come in? Do you want some parts cleaned more often than others are? You might want the lobby and lift addressed each day with the other areas cleaned once a week. You need to know how often each area needs cleaned.

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