Carpet Cleaning Windsor

Carpet Cleaning Windsor

How to practice deep Carpet Cleaning Windsor

Carpets get exposed to dirt on a daily basis. The dirt comes from both outside and inside the house. This brings to focus the need to practice regular cleaning of the carpet to keep the home clean. On various occasions, the regular cleaning is designed to get rid of the loose dirt on the carpet. After some time, the carpet will need deep Carpet Cleaning Windsor to get rid of the dirt that is deep seated in the carpet despite the regular cleaning which takes off the loose dirt.

Vacuuming and spot cleaning are just some forms of regular cleaning practiced on the carpet. Vacuuming gets rid of the loose dirt using a vacuum machine to suck up the dirt pieces. Spot cleaning on the other hand may involve the use of cleaning detergent and a brush or piece of cloth to get rid of dirt where it is seen. This on most occasions happens when there is stain presence on the carpet.

How to practice Carpet Cleaning Windsor

Deep cleaning involves cleaning the whole carpet to get rid of all the dirt from the carpet. The intention is making it as clean as a new carpet. The ingredients for use in deep cleaning include salt, white vinegar and borax. Perfect equipment for use would involve carpet steam cleaner and a vacuum. It is possible to perform home deep cleaning by yourself. In such a case, you can rent a steam cleaner from Carpet Cleaning company of choice with a good reputation of having quality machines. The steps involved in Carpet Cleaners Windsor include:

  1. Vacuum the whole carpet. It is good to take your time in this process to get all the dust and dirt off the carpet
  2. From the ingredients mentioned, mix ¼ cups of all the 3 ingredients. This means the salt, white vinegar, and borax in a container. You should then apply the mixture to the stains on the carpet or areas that seem to be heavily dirty. You should then let the paste stay on the carpet for hours leaving it to dry out. When dry, vacuum the paste from the carpet.
  3. Bring in the steam cleaner and start working on the carpet using the steam cleaner. This will provide reliable Carpet Cleaning Windsor by spraying the carpet with hot steam while brushing the carpet and then drying off the moisture from the carpet. It is essential to fill the machine with very hot water to make its work effective. This will mean spending about ¼ of the time wetting the carpet and brushing but a bigger portion of the time, about ¾ of the time drying the carpet.
  4. Leave the carpet to dry completely before returning the furniture. This means leaving the windows and doors open to let in good air circulation that will aid in the drying process. The danger of putting back the furniture before the carpet dries is the risk of staining the carpet from colors that may come from the furniture contact with the carpet. It can also damage the fibers of the carpet as they are fragile when wet.
  5. Vacuum the carpet when dry to get rid of any chemical residue or particles that may have been lifted by the cleaning process.

The result of this process is a clean carpet resulting from deep Carpet Cleaning Windsor. This process is an occasional cleaning procedure thus can be conducted once or twice a year. Frequent application of this cleaning will wear off the carpet very fast.

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