Carpet Cleaning Staines

Carpet Cleaning Staines

Various methods of Carpet Cleaning Staines

A carpet plays a very crucial role in enhancing the appearance of your house or office. Keeping it clean is therefore very important to ensure it portrays elegance and neatness about you. Finding different methods of Carpet Cleaning is easy. However, finding one that suits you best can be a little bit hectic.  However, no matter the method you choose, proper vacuuming is very important. Although it is normally overlooked by many Carpet Cleaning service providers, vacuuming helps to remove around 79% of all the soil on your carpet.

There are several Carpet Cleaning Staines methods:

  • Dry extraction cleaning method
  • Wet cleaning method

Tips for Carpet Cleaning

When using this method, absorbent material such as sponges or powder come in handy. These materials are dipped in water and little quantities of soap and solvent to absorb and control the soil. This makes vacuuming easy. The sponge/powder is used on the carpet with a double brush machine that rotates in the opposite direction. This machine also helps to revive carpet surface when cleaning. The main demerit of this Carpet Cleaning method is its inability in cleaning extremely dirty carpets.

Bonnet pad cleaning

Under this Carpet Cleaning method, a solution is poured on the surface of the carpet. The carpet is then polished with bonnets held to a floor machine. The advantage of this method is that it can quickly clean vast areas which facilitate faster drying. It’s a good system that does not require a lot of skill by its user. However this method doesn’t clean deeply and cannot remove heavy soil because it doesn’t rinse.

Rotary shampoo

This Carpet Cleaning Staines method has been used for ages. It uses a rotary floor machine with a solution tank and a shower feed brush. Shampoo solution is fed into the shower feed brush as the carpet is scrubbed. The carpet surface is likely to be damaged due to the scrubbing involved in the cleaning process. It should be groomed before the carpet dries so that it has a uniform appearance. Proper vacuuming is later done to get rid of loose soil and any residual detergent that may have crystallized. This method cleans deeply and is economical to use. However, it requires a lot of skill by the operator and the use of the wrong brush and improper scrubbing could ruin the carpet surface.


This is among the latest Carpet Cleaning Staines methods. It involves chemistry which contains a detergent and a crystallizing polymer. With the use of a floor machine, the detergent brings the soil to the surface which is then encapsulated by the polymer and dries to form a crystal which is later vacuumed away.

Dry foam shampoo

This Carpet Cleaning Staines method uses special equipment with a foam generator that turns the shampoo liquid into foam before it’s applied on the carpet. Some machines also use a vacuum recovery system that is used to retrieve the dirty foam solution. This method uses low moisture enabling the carpet to dry faster. It however removes soil moderately and there’s need to periodically extract hot water when the system’s used regularly.

Among all the methods above it’s advisable to use the one that suits your carpet best.

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