Carpet Cleaning Southampton

Carpet Cleaning Southampton

Carpet Cleaning Southampton – professional cleaning methods

Whenever you are choosing a Carpet Cleaning Southampton company, you need to decide the cleaning method it will employ. The cleaning methods can be divided into two main categories. The dry cleaning method and the wet cleaning. With dry cleaning, the carpets are cleaned using a solvent while with wet cleaning, water or steam is used. The dry cleaning methods are also referred to as very low moisture methods due to the very small amounts of moisture employed. What are some of the common dry cleaning methods?

Carpet Cleaning Southampton cleaning methods

Bonnet cleaning is under the dry Carpet Cleaning Southampton techniques. It involves spraying of a cleaning solution on the surface of the carpet in order to break down the soils. A rotary machine that has some removable absorbent pad at the bottom is then guided on the surface of the carpet. This helps in agitating the cleaning solution which is then absorbed into the cotton or microfiber pad. The soiled pad is kept being replaced with a clean one until the entire carpet is cleaned. The method has some pros since you only require a little amount of water. It is also relatively inexpensive and the carpet dries within a short period after cleaning.

Absorbent compound cleaning is also another form of dry Carpet Cleaning Southampton. It involves damping the carpet with some absorbent product dampened with water and cleaning solvents spread on the carpet. With the use of some special machinery, the substance is then buffed and agitated into the fibers of the carpet. The soil and other dirt as well are absorbed into the compound. With the use of a dry vacuum, the compound is extracted from the carpet leaving it dry. The best thing about this cleaning method is that the carpet dries almost immediately after cleaning.

Under the wet Carpet Cleaning Southampton methods, hot water extraction is the most common. This is indeed the most effective and also widely recommended cleaning method in the industry. Under this method, a thorough pre-vacuuming is conducted. This removes all the dry soil particles from the carpet. To break down the oils and the greases, a cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpet. The conditioner may be agitated using some rotary brush or grooming rake. To rinse the soil and the solution from the carpet, pressurized water combined with wet vacuum is employed. Most cleaning companies use truck mounted units. They make use of long solution and vacuum hoses to clean. They come complete with a waste tank where all the dirty water is deposited.

Also, under the wet Carpet Cleaning Southampton methods is the wet shampoo. This method can be dated many years back as it was employed prior to the 1970s. Though it is not commonly used today, some cleaners may still use it. A high foaming solution is applied on the carpet. It is then worked into the fibers. Using a wet vacuum, this solution is then extracted. Armed with some knowledge regarding various cleaning methods and the strengths of each, you can make an informed decision. Choose the company that offers your desired cleaning method.

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