Carpet Cleaning Leeds

Carpet Cleaning Leeds

Carpet Cleaning Leeds tips to keep your carpet looking good for years

Despite their functionality and aesthetic value, maintaining a good looking carpet for many years can be a major task. For instance, any spills will need drastic action or the spill could become a stubborn stain. Keep in mind that many spills on the carpet end up smelling bad in no time. To help you enjoy a fresh, good looking carpet for years and without much hassle, here are simple Carpet Cleaning Leeds tips for you.

  • Regular vacuum cleaning: This is essential for getting rid of dust, grime and other residues that can easily damage the fibres of your carpet. It also needs to be done at least once a week with more focus on high traffic areas. Running the vacuum cleaner on top of the carpet will remove much of the surface dirt or dust. The heavier particles tend to settle down into the base; if serious, seek wet Carpet Cleaning from a professional. Remember, the thicker the carpet, the more particles it will hold. Changing vacuum filters often is also advised, for the best results.

Carpet Cleaning Leeds tips for good looking carpet

  • Steam Carpet Cleaning: A regular deep cleaning using special cleaning machine like a steam vapor cleaner is highly recommended. These cleaners produce steam, which reach the roots of your carpet and get rid of the most stubborn stains, dirt and dust mites, which easily cause allergies for you and your whole family.
  • Light scrubbing: Carpet Cleaning Leeds should be gentle. It is advisable that you do not go fast and harsh in washing the carpet. Remember to flush the carpet thoroughly and properly.
  • Use of soil retardants and carpet sprays: This chemical finish enables carpet fibres to resist liquids, dirt, and other substances that easily contaminate or damage carpets. The finish also makes carpet maintenance easier. When cleaning with shampoo or spray, use standard spray or shampoo. Check the label on the product before using it for Carpet Cleaning to be sure it will not harm your rug.
  • Get rid of stains right away: Spills and stains cause the most damage. Get rid of them as soon as you notice them. You may use good quality stain removers based on the type of stain you are dealing with.
  • Padding: Even if your carpet is anchored in place, by heavy furniture of a couch, padding will help anchor the entire carpet and make it more firm. This will reduce potential damage that is usually caused by pulling or rug stretching. Aside from giving support, padding also acts as a moisture barrier and discourages insect activity.
  • Repair issues: Pets like cats tend to use their claws to create pulls on a carpet. Dogs also chew corners of a rug. The good thing about dealing with pet damage is that it can be fixed by clipping out the damaged areas. However, this depends on the type of the rug.

For the best Carpet Cleaning and maintenance, find out what type your rug is, the types of dyes and materials used to create it and what kind of stains you are dealing with. Also, remember to deal with any spills before the damage becomes permanent and to clean your carpet on a regular basis or seek professional Carpet Cleaning Leeds services when the need arises.

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