Carpet Cleaning Leatherhead

Carpet Cleaning Leatherhead

Do you need to seek Carpet Cleaning Leatherhead or invest in a new rug

The condition of your carpet will dictate as to whether you need to consider professional cleaning or buy a new one altogether. In most cases, thorough Carpet Cleaning is all that’s required to bring back the great look and feel of your beautiful rug. However, it will all depend on how long the carpet was designed to last. There are those carpets that were designed to last for 30 years whereas others were intended to serve the owner for just 3 years. Sooner or later, the carpet will need to be replaced. So how do you determine what exactly is needed?

Do you need to seek Carpet Cleaning Leatherhead

Many carpets in the market are made of polyester. Polyester is a durable material but when the carpet is too old it begins to mat down. When the fibers begin crushing and they cannot go back to their original position, the carpet needs to be replaced. Thorough Carpet Cleaning Leatherhead done by a professional cannot save a rug in this state. It just means that the carpet is old enough to be replaced.

There are other carpet materials which can look new when professional Carpet Cleaning is considered. The perfect example is nylon. Nylon is a very resilient material that has been used to make carpets for a very long time. When the nylon fibers are matting down, they can regain their great look when thorough cleaning is done. This is why you need a professional who will walk into your home and inspect your carpet before recommending the right step to take.

There are also cases whereby the carpet is just too stained to be cleaned and look new. It is for a fact that carpets are going to experience some permanent staining once in their lifetime. However, there are some permanent stains which a carpet cannot stay with because it steals the aesthetic value of your home completely. If an expert has tried to apply the best anti-stain treatments on your carpet in vain, then you might need to consider replacement.

However, do not make the mistake of disposing your carpet because of household stains. Most household stains can be removed completely through professional Carpet Cleaning. In fact, there are certain carpet manufacturers who cover stains in their warranty. Take your time to check whether the permanent stain you have on your carpet can be considered by your manufacturer.

Remember that, there are some biological substances which stain your carpet and can be a health hazard in your home. If your carpet has permanent stains which are caused by vomit, feces or urine then it needs to be replaced. Seek advice from an expert carpet cleaner on whether the stain on your carpet is a health hazard.

To conclude, a carpet that is 10 years or older certainly needs to be replaced soonest possible. In most cases, carpets that are 10 years older will have faded and lack enough padding to meet their purpose. They need to be replaced because they end up making your home appear dull.

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