Carpet Cleaning Crawley

Carpet Cleaning Crawley

Carpet Cleaning Crawley – key equipment used

To clean your carpets effectively, it is imperative to have good quality washing equipment. Appropriate carpet cleaning equipment is one of the main determinants of successful carpet cleaning. Some of the equipment is specialized, but all can be found in a cleaning supplies shop or a large hardware store. Here is a description of some of the equipment used for Carpet Cleaning Crawley.

  1. Bucket: Professional Carpet Cleaning use buckets that are preferably wide enough to accommodate a squeegee and mop. For small households, smaller buckets can be used.
  1. Squeegee: There are different sizes of squeegees available in different qualities in the market. Since it is probably the most important tool of all, purchasing a good one is a very wise idea. If you are looking for professional Carpet Cleaners Crawley, you should ensure that the contractor has high quality squeegees as these will greatly determine the quality of work done.
  1. Mop- also known as washer or wand: Most of the mops that professional Carpet Cleaning services have come in two pieces- the sleeve and the plastic T-bar. When the sleeve becomes dirty, the user can disengage it from the T-bar and put a washing machine. The mop usually has a handle that may be fixed or one that swivels. The swivel one is much easier to use since it can turn to the direction required by the user more easily. You will find Carpet Cleaning professionals having the swivel mop because of its ease of use and the fact that it is far much better to use compared with a mop fixed on a pole.
  1. Scraper: This equipment comes with a metal blade that can be replaced. Carpet Cleaning professionals use it to remove tough marks such as paint, stubborn insect marks or varnish. There is also a range of small scrapers, which are used for maintenance jobs. Larger scrapers are ideal for scraping large areas. Carpet scrapers are specially made for use on glass surfaces. If any other tool such as the conventional household razors, putty knives or box cutters is used, they will damage the glass surface.
  1. Detergent: There is a wide range of detergents to choose from. In some areas, cleaners prefer the use of warm water and vinegar. However, the problem with using vinegar is that it does not form suds. Suds are important as they lubricate the surface and make it easier for the scraper, mop, and squeegee to perform their functions, especially when it comes to turning the squeegee. Suds also help to reveal areas that require more scrubbing since the bubbles separate more where there is a mark or dirt.
  1. Carpet cleaning towels: Although most of the cleaning is done exclusively by the wand and the squeegee, it is important to have some carpet cleaning towels which can be used to wipe edges or to blot small spots that are missed by the squeegee or wand.

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