Carpet Cleaning Cambridge

Carpet Cleaning Cambridge

Natural Carpet Cleaning Cambridge for your home carpet

Maintaining a clean home is simple. However, to keep the home clean, you have to understand the basic rules that come with maintaining a clean home. Despite the need to keep a home clean daily, carpets keep accumulating dirt that over time appear give a bad picture on the carpet. Natural Carpet Cleaning Cambridge offers a cheap alternative to keeping a clean carpet in the home. A clean carpet in turn, means a carpet that is safe and without the threat of causing health problems.

Home made cleaners can be considered the best as they are made from materials that are commonly used in the home. These are unlike chemical cleaners that are industry manufactured and used by Carpet Cleaning companies in the city. These times have harsh smell or chemicals that you may have an allergic reaction toward. Natural cleaning will help you save extra money that you would have otherwise spent when using regular cleaners. The steps towards natural home cleaning include:

Carpet Cleaning Cambridge for your home carpet

  1. Vacuum the carpet to get rid of loose dirt from the carpet.
  2. Mix ½ cup borax with 1 cup cornmeal to make Carpet Cleaners Cambridge powder. You can alternatively choose to use baking soda. These natural home cleaners help to get rid of stains and prevent mold from growing. The components also help to prevent heavy odors on the carpet.
  3. Sprinkle the powder on the carpet and leave it on the carpet for about an hour. You can then vacuum the carpet to remove the excess dirt. This process will remove dirt that may have remained on the carpet after normal vacuuming. It will also eliminate any odor from the carpet and take care of light stains.
  4. Use a mixture of vinegar and water to take care of the remaining stains. Lemon juice and salt mixture also helps in taking care of stains that are on light colored carpets. The best manner to take care of this process is to try the mixture on an inconspicuous area of the carpet to determine if the mixture is friendly to the carpet. This will avoid damaging the carpet while Carpet Cleaning Cambridge.
  5. Scrub the stain to remove it after applying the best mixture that will remove the stain on the stained area. After scrubbing, leave the mixture on the spot for a while then rinse the dirt off using a towel.
  6. You can use a steamer to get rid of the dirt deep seated on the carpet. Renting a steamer is a wise action. You should fill the steamer with hot water and a natural detergent for use in cleaning the rest of the carpet. This will wash off all the excess deep-seated dirt and dry the carpet. You can also choose to use hot water alone without any detergent to get rid of grime from the carpet.
  7. Let the carpet dry completely by leaving all the ventilation points open to get rid of the humidity in the room

The result is a clean carpet without the use of harsh chemicals available in the market. This form of cleaning will also save you extra costs met in professional Carpet Cleaning Cambridge in the city.

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