Carpet Cleaning Cambridge

Carpet Cleaning Cambridge

It is important that you know about the different Carpet Cleaning Cambridge methods used by professional/commercial carpet cleaners as this will help you pick the most appropriate method for your particular carpet and preference.

Encapsulation is one of the most popular Carpet Cleaning Cambridge methods today. Foam encapsulation involves the use of synthetic detergents as the base around which dirt crystallizes into a powder form on drying. The encapsulated dirt can them be brushed or vacuumed off. This is indeed the best option for those who want to do their part to protect the environment since there is little chemical residue. This is, however, not the best option for a heavily-soiled carpet.

Carpet shampooing was popular before the introduction of encapsulation technology in the 70s. Carpet shampooing is advantageous in the cleaning of heavily soiled carpets, but it is disadvantageous in that it leaves behind a high amount of wet foam residue, the carpet takes time to dry, it becomes sticky on drying since there is no rinsing, and there is a high risk of rapid re-soiling.

Hot water extraction cleaning (steam Carpet Cleaning) remains as one of the most popular cleaning techniques. It involves the use of high pressured hot water. This agitates the carpet fibres, dissolving the dirt therein. The carpet is then brushed and rinsed. There is Carpet Cleaning Cambridge equipment that is used for the rinsing. Once the carpet is clean, it is left to dry in an air conditioned temperature or at room temperature. This technique uses a lot of water. It is not the technique to use if you are in a hurry since the cleaning will take about two hours and the carpet will take about four hours to dry.

Another popular option today is bonnet cleaning. The method starts with the depositing of cleaning product mixed with club soda on the surface (as mist). A “bonnet”, which is basically a round buffer, is used to scrub the mixture in with rotating motion. This is not a completely dry-cleaning method since significant drying time is required.

The dry compound technique involves the spreading of a 98% biodegradable absorbent cleaning compound evenly over the carpet and scrubbing or brushing it in. Just like with encapsulation, grime and dirt is attracted to the compound. This is then vacuumed off and the carpet left to dry. A cylindrical counter-rotating brushing system that is specially designed is used for the cleaning (a vacuum cleaner is not used).

Dry foam Carpet Cleaning Cambridge using a dry foam machine is also popular. It involves the use of 10% liquid and 90% air and it works by applying the mixture under high pressure on the carpet surface.

Before picking the Carpet Cleaning Cambridge method to use, the Carpet Cleaning Cambridge Company should first determine the type of carpet you have and ask you about your budget. Go to a carpet cleaner who understand that just as important as removing dust and dirt is removing allergens, dust mites, and other indoor pollutants. Do the cleaning as regularly as possible.

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