Carpet Cleaning Bristol

Carpet Cleaning Bristol

When searching for a Carpet Cleaning Bristol

When searching for a Carpet Cleaning Bristol service, searching for companies which are members of the National Carpet Cleaner Association (NCAA) will ensure that the carpet cleaner is of the highest standard possible.  This association is a non-profit organization dedicated to cleaning carpet, hardwood flooring, upholstery, curtains and other soft furnishings.

In searching for a Carpet Cleaning Bristol

Comprised of members throughout the UK and overseas, this association is recognized as an authority in the Carpet Cleaning Bristol industry.  While the association does have many large corporate and industry members, it is governed by a president and board of directors who are elected from and by its members annually.

The aim of the NCCA is to create a minimum standard of practices within the community of flooring and upholstery cleaners.  All of their members are expected to follow the Association’s Code of Practice, which is an established set of guidelines covering such issues as fair pricing, service, complaints procedures, liability, and consumer protection.  The Code is designed to ensure customer satisfaction and can be viewed on their website.

 In order to become fully accredited, every member participates in a training program developed by the association to ensure that they maintain high standards in service and workmanship, and that each member is a master in their craft.  All applicants to the association must have taken NCAA or equivalent coursework in carpet and upholstery cleaning, and passed at a required standard.  Training for association members is not a onetime event, either.  They ensure their members remain up-to-date on all aspects of Carpet Cleaning Bristol through ongoing compulsory training, advanced courses, workshops, branch meetings, technical road shows, branch meetings, an annual conference, bi-annual exhibitions and a monthly newsletter.

 Choosing an association member gives added insurance that the carpet cleaner is truly knowledgeable about the materials they are cleaning, and the cleaning fluids/equipment they are using.  This can have an added advantage for those who have allergies or suffer from conditions such as asthma.  Included in the training is which fluids are safe for use in homes of those with these conditions.  Also, they are aware of what fluids can be used which are environmentally friendly.

 A bonus to picking an accredited, trained carpet cleaner is the use of appropriate detergents for Carpet Cleaning Bristol.  Using an inappropriate detergent can lead to a rapid re-soiling of the carpet following a cleaning.  Members are aware of what detergents can be used to prevent harmful reactions.  A non-NCAA member Carpet Cleaning Bristol company may well do a good job.  However, if they use the incorrect type of detergent and the carpet quickly becomes re-soiled then the cleaning was a waste of time and money.

 The NCAA will also serve as arbitrator, should a conflict arise between a member and their customer over services rendered.  This means that if an issue does occur, the consumer has an option available to resolve it.

 There are many benefits to selecting a NCAA member when deciding on a Carpet Cleaning Bristol company.  To make certain a cleaner is a member, go to the National Carpet Cleaning Bristol Association website and check their listing.

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