Carpet Cleaning Brighton

Carpet Cleaning Brighton

Wet Carpet Cleaning Brighton vs dry cleaning

Owning a beautiful carpet not only adds style to your home but also enables you to protect the floors of your home while allowing you to enjoy some warmth under your feet. Unfortunately, they are prone to grime and dirt even when the traffic is low. However, after spending a fortune on this important possession, it important to keep it in a good condition by using proper Carpet Cleaning Brighton and maintenance techniques.

Luckily, there is more than one technique to clean your carpet. These are wet and dry Carpet Cleaning methods. The main difference between these two methods is that wet cleaning involves the use of more water than the other technique. However, vacuuming the carpet first is required before starting either method as it makes the cleaning process easier.

  • Wet Carpet Cleaning: This technique uses the most amount of water and consist of two types namely steam and shampooing. The latter cleaning technique involves use of shampoo. Usually, the cleaning machine covers carpet fibres with shampoo foam and stirs up dirt and stains. When dirt is stirred up, it is trapped inside the shampoo. When using this method, you may vacuum your carpet after it has dried.

Wet Carpet Cleaning Brighton method

On the other hand, steam cleaning requires high precision equipment and skill for the task to be carried out and is ideal if your carpet is exposed to dust, dirt, or heavy traffic. This technique involves the use of steam where water is heated to release steam. The cleaner then sprays a mixture of heated water and detergent on the carpet to clean dirt and grime. This loosens dirt and grime. A specialized vacuum cleaner is then introduced to suck the water from the carpet. When using this technique, keep in mind that it is a time consuming process and will require several hours before the carpet is totally dry and ready for use.

  • Dry Carpet Cleaning Brighton: As the name suggests, this technique does not require the use of water. Usually, a moist powder is spread across the carpet, which is then massaged into the carpet fibres using a special machine. The powder used contains a dissolving solvent, detergent, an absorbent, and only a slight amount of water to make it moist. This special constitute makes the powder a powerful cleaning agent and after it has been spread on the carpet, it is vacuumed clean. This cleaning technique is faster compared to wet carpet cleaning and is also best for surface cleaning.

When using any of the methods to clean your carpet, it is imperative that you pay attention to stubborn stain spots. If necessary, treat such areas with specialized stain removers depending on the stain type and your carpet type. With so many Carpet Cleaning Brighton supplies and equipment competing for your attention, you will be better off if you conduct thorough research before purchasing any Carpet Cleaning accessories. Alternatively, you may be better off hiring expert professional carpet cleaners to provide you with the best solution after giving due consideration to the use and fabrics of your carpet.

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