Carpet Cleaning Birmingham

Carpet Cleaning Birmingham

Carpet Cleaning Birmingham – cleaning and maintenance

In order to avert hardwood floor damages, manufacturers and experts suggest various treatments. Nevertheless, even with regular maintenance, the condition of all hardwood floors will begin to worsen over time. Floor damage can range from fading to extensive warping or even cracking due to exposure to moisture. Carpet Cleaning Birmingham and maintenance such as waxing or power sanding can ensure that the floor has a good aesthetic surface, is sanitarily safe, and that the house is generally inhabitable. Typically, maintenance and Carpet Cleaning Birmingham depends on a number of factors such as the type of finish of the floor, the nature of the wood grain, as well as the extent of the damage.

Carpet Cleaning can prevent further deterioration of the hardwood floor surface. Following simple cleaning and maintenance steps will ensure that a hard floor remains in good shape at all times. Even though regular sweeping of the floor is recommended on a daily basis to avert the accumulation of soot or dust in the wood grains, experts suggest that making use of a damp or dry mop instead of a saturated mop is more effective since it does not make the wood wet. Generally, water is the worst enemy of wood. When wood is kept wet for long periods of time it can generate mold or mildew and this causes the floor surface to lose its luster. Water also tends to enlarge wood grain as the wood absorbs water. This can warp the floor, particularly on unfinished surfaces. The use of straight ammonia , alkaline agents or abrasive cleaning agents to clean hardwood floors is also not recommended as such materials can dull or abrade the floor finish.

Carpet Cleaning Birmingham – doing the buisnes

To prevent denting, Carpet Cleaners Birmingham services involve the use of vacuums that have brush attachments rather than machines that make use of beater bars. Additionally, Carpet Cleaning employs the use of floor covers to delay fading due to use and sunlight.

Carpet Cleaning also involves the use of cleanser treatment to maintain the wood finish. However, it is important to consult an expert or manufacturer for advice since not all wood floor surfaces are compatible with the same cleansing products. For this reason, it is important to know the kind of wood finish that needs to be processed so that the appropriate cleaning agent can be used.

Most hardwood surfaces are coated with polyurethane, which is a long-lasting plastic coating. Such chemically treated floors are resistant to stains although the finish will eventually fade off.  Other floors are covered with varnish, lacquer and shellac to provide luster but are not as resistant to stains as polyurethane finishes. Floors finished with varnishes, lacquers and shellacs are also not resistant to spills, moisture and wear. As such, they should be treated in the same way as oil-treated floors and penetrating seal-treated floors. Knowledge of these features is important during cleaning and maintenance of hard wood floors.

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