Carpet Cleaning Basingstoke

Carpet Cleaning Basingstoke

The benefits of professional Carpet Cleaning Basingstoke

The carpet is one of the must have accessories that make the house more comfortable to live in. It adds to the comfort, warmth and beauty of the house. The carpet feels good to walk on and can be relaxing after a hard day’s work. Carpet Cleaning Basingstoke, therefore, helps maintain this feeling. The most you can do at home is vacuum it frequently. This helps to remove the dust particles that are just at the surface. You can also sweep it or use a brush to achieve the same purpose.

The benefits of Carpet Cleaning Basingstoke

However, for you to achieve a truly clean carpet, you should use a professional carpet cleaner. He has the necessary experience and techniques to ensure that the carpet is thoroughly cleaned. Professional Carpet Cleaning Basingstoke ensures that all the dirt is removed thus restoring the new look of a carpet. It also improves the life span of the carpet. This is because the dirt and dust particles cause the carpet to depreciate faster. When they accumulate on the carpet, they wear out the fibers, especially in areas where there is a lot of movement. They make that particular area of the carpet feel rough to walk on and in time you will notice that the area becomes discolored. Stains left to dry on the carpet also become difficult to remove even with stain removers bought from the store.

The professional will use modern techniques such as hot water extraction. This is where water heated to above 200 degrees Fahrenheit is used on the carpet. The hot water loosens the dust particles and stains which are then removed by industrial vacuums. The allergens such as mites are also removed in this process. There is no use of chemicals that might harm the carpet. In fact the whole process of cleaning the carpet does not use even soap. This means that any delicate fibers of the carpet are not damaged and therefore the process is safe for all types of carpets. The cleaning ensures that there are no residues that are left behind and is also eco friendly.

When the dust mites are removed, the level of allergens in your home is reduced. There are also other allergens that might accumulate on the carpet such as fur from cats, dogs and other pets. There could also be other allergens that might be introduced to the home and settle on the carpet such as by the foot traffic or from the air conditioning system. All these are removed through this professional Carpet Cleaning process. Regular home vacuuming may only draw these elements near the surface of the carpet without actually removing them.

Another benefit of professional Carpet Cleaning is that the drying period is significantly reduced. If you used water at home to clean your carpet, it would take hours drying in the sun. With professionals however, the drying takes less than an hour. The hot water used to clean it is extracted using industrial suction equipment leaving it dry with no dampness that might lead to mold growth.

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