Carpet Cleaning Maidenhead

Carpet Cleaning Maidenhead

Carpet Cleaning Maidenhead light colored carpets

Carpets come in different colors. It is not hard to come across while carpets or those with a light shade of grey. Due to the color of the carpet, these need frequent Carpet Cleaning Maidenhead. These carpets look good in a home that has rich colors on the walls and floors. They however come with a challenge. They often need frequent cleaning. The reason for this is the need to have the carpet maintains a clean and appealing look. It is evident that stains and dirt is clearly visible in light colored carpets.

The cleaning of light colored carpets can start from the simple frequent vacuuming of the carpet. Leaving loose dirt like cramps or soil stay on the carpet will lead to an ugly looking stain as people keep stepping on the dirt and pressing it on the carpet. This makes vacuuming a simple yet necessary form of Carpet Cleaning. The light colored carpets also need professional cleaning at least once in a year. This will take care of stubborn stains as well as giving the carpet a rejuvenated look. This however does not mean that when spills occur you should leave them until the professional cleaners handle the situation. There is a need to use spot removers in such instances. Clearing the spills as soon as they occur helps in minimizing the staining caused by the dirt.

Carpet Cleaning Maidenhead colored carpets

To clean a light colored carpet off stains, you need paper towels, detergent, table salt, ammonia club soda, a small brush, Ivory soap, and hair spray. The steps in the Carpet Cleaning involve:

  1. Use the paper towels to blot out any excess spills on the carpet. You can alternatively use a clean cloth. It is best to use white material as they will not leave further stains on the carpet
  2. Make a solution of dish detergent and water then blot the area on the carpet using the solution. Rinse off the blot using clean water and a piece of cloth. The best method to do this is pressing the paper towel on the spot to avoid spreading the stain further.
  3. Rub the small brush on the ivory soap to get foam then scrub the stain spot using the brush and rinse the spot using paper towel to absorb the moisture from the spot.
  4. Spray the area with hair spray. This will help to remove the ink from the area. After spraying, blot out the spray from the area using the paper towels. However, if the use of the hair spray seems to spread the stain, stop using the hair spray and blot out the amount initially applied.
  5. Shaving cream works on mud stains. In case you are clearing mud stains, apply shaving cream on the spot; leave it on the stain for some minutes before blotting it out.
  6. Grease stains will need the use of ammonia and water. The mixture of the two should be in equal ratio. There should also be an addition of liquid detergent on the mixture. With this in place, the wet van should be put to use in removing the stain. The process should be repeated until the stain is removed.
  7. Coffee and tea stains need the use if club soda to remove the stain. The component should be applied then left to sit for a minute then blotted out using the clean towels.
  8. Red wine spills need the use of table salt. Covering the stain while fresh with table salt will help in clearing out the stain. Vacuum the table salt after sometime then use water and soap to blot out the remaining stain.

The use of the outlined methods in keeping your light colored carpet clean will help in maintaining a clean environment around the home for a long time.

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